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Anonymous asked: Ever squirted?

ever since the accident i’ve been nothing but dry, i try and use lube and it just drinks it up. it’s a disability that i have to live with, one that i have lived with.

Anonymous asked: All you do is complain

My nickname is boo boo bear

Send me questions, love, hate, submit photos, anything. I’m being forced to a family dinner with the side of family that means nothing to me. I’ll need a beer and a muzzle.

Hey guys I put in my 2 weeks, fucking done with this shithole

Anonymous asked: Immuna spulunk in dat ass

exit only 

What happened to my anons, they were entertaining

Anonymous asked: Oh god. I'm too turned on now. I'm gonna have to tape my panties in your mouth while I suck your cock under water.

Make sure to bring your snorkel.

Anonymous asked: This isn't Jose.

I wish it was, he knows how to have fun.

Anonymous asked: What if when we did that, I was singing "friend like me?" From Aladdin?

Im not a fan of handies, I can spend quality time alone for that, how about I hold your head under water as you give me head and

Anonymous asked: I want to hold your head under water while jerking you off.

Dude Robin Williams just died, come on…

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